Business Setup

Due to the great cost caused by accounting scandals from the blue chips, there are more regulations and higher standard of corporate governance. So, if you are considering setting up a new business, please do not ignore your obligation to meet the requirements of statutory compliance. However, it is time consuming and costly to oversee and control statutory compliance, especially for infant companies.

To solve this problem, outsourcing your statutory compliance responsibility is an ideal way. Professional bodies can assure your company complies with local and a full range of commercial and statutory regulations. Then you may enjoy the free up of organizations’ resources and focus on your core business. Our experienced team can provide effective and practical assistance over accounting, payroll and corporate secretarial functions to ensure your company complies with the statutory standards within a reasonable time. Besides, we offer services and solutions which are tailored and worth of money to the particular situations of your company.

Company secretarial services

Company formation and restructuring services
We provide recommendations on the following areas:
- Employment, permanent residency and dependent passes
- Appropriate and suitable group structure for your company
- Registration of business and license application

We also provide the following assistances for you:
- Establishment of charity
- Opening of bank accounts
- Establishment of Hong Kong company branch, representative office and offshore companies
- Attend to the procedures for the changes of capital and corporate structure
- Provide support in application for deregistration of Hong Kong companies and dormant status
- Give recommendations on the most suitable corporate structure for the company in order to achieve efficiency from regulatory and secretarial perspectives.

Regulatory compliance and corporate governance services
Our services are as follows:
- Make sure there are proper maintenance of statutory register and records of your company
- Support and provide registered office, resident secretary and nominee shareholder
- Handle annual statutory filings issue for you company and ensure it complies with the local requirements
- Compliance and reporting requirements of Hong Kong Listing Rules
- Corporate governance standards and the related legislations

We also assist in:
- Holding meetings for directors, shareholders and committee
- Drafting the corporate documents and relevant minutes of the general meeting
- Approaching corporate actions of your company and make sure that they comply with the relevant local regulations

Accounting and payroll processing services

Accounting services
We assist your company for initial set up of accounting system as follows:
- Bookkeeping services
- Full set of accounting books
- Chart of accounts
- Compilation of management accounts
- Financial information analysis
- Suggestions for internal controls
- Annual audit assistance
- Provide authorised bank signatory
- Process payment of approved invoices and employee expense claims
- Monitor bank trust account balance and perform bank reconciliation

Payroll services
We provide support in the initial set up and recurring maintenance of payroll system as follows:
- Payroll database
- Payroll calculation and other contribution payment processing
- Preparation of employees' pay slips
- Employer registration for mandatory provident fund (MPF) scheme
- Maintenance of payroll related issues such as allowances and benefits
- Dealing with employee expense reimbursements