Consulting Services

In order to run a successful private company well, one must manage strategic planning, maintain up-to-date technology and operate efficiency and financial planning. It is a not easy to have all of these done on a timely basis.
For this reason, we provide the following business management service to alleviate you workload:

Business planning and organisation

We help you to strategically brainstorm and analyze your business strategy, before helping you to set your priorities, make future plans, estimate the impact change can have on your business system and human resources, and reduce tax and other costs. We will recommend a proper entity form for your business and help you to deal with related government authorities on the incorporation matters. We can also advise to you an appropriate organization structure for your business.

Overseas expansion is a common practice for many private businesses. Whilst entering the international market may bring many opportunities, it will also bring various risks and challenges with it. For instance, you may have to restructure your business to fit in the global environment, employing different employees or sales agent and complying with different regulations. We can suggest ways to take advantage from expansion, better position of your company and at the same time taking complexities into consideration. For example, we can advise on cultural issues, tax, finance and human resources.

Operational effectiveness and Performance management

Operation efficiency is an integral part of any strategic plan. No matter what stage your business is at, we can help you to make plans for operation improvement, cost control, performance measurement and financial effectiveness. There are plenty of external factors which are uncontrolled; to reduce such damage caused, we can assist in developing specific operating practices.

Maintain a good performance for your business often requires a very strategic approach in order for you to arrange and sustain business activities. We can help your business to investigate factors affecting your performance, whilst aligning activities that will drive you to long-term success.

Financial and IT effectiveness

To prevent wrong information determining financial decision, we help you to implement targeted profit plans and cost management strategies, as well as making an income generation improvement plan.
New methods of technology have created a competitive edge for the marketplace, supporting businesses by helping to improve their overall efficiency and the security of data. We can review your I.T. strategy and help support you in reducing the gaps between your company and the industry.