Corporate Finance

For private business, making long term financial decisions is a key to success. We help with common challenges such as valuing your business, accessing finance, and businesses.

Financing and Valuing your business

Expansion often requires new capital injection. In addition to local banks and other financial institutions, also offer more sources of capital, give tailored recommendations in assisting your firm to achieve a better access of finance, increase liquidity and give more effective risk management and compliance.

Though common in business, the use of fair value for tax computation and selling your business is not a simple concept. With our expertise, we are able to explain the factors that might have an influence on your business value, including operational matters, strategic drivers and financial concern. For the sale of business, we can give advice on price, contractual terms and further explain the consequences of the transaction to you.

Sources of capital and Going public

If you are struggling with sources of capital, we are able to recommend the source of capital which will suit your business best, whether that be partnerships, joint ventures, banking financing , private lenders, share offering or initial public offering (IPO).

As a growing business, there is often a point where private business owners must list their business on a stock exchange. In order to have a better return on investment. This can be both costly and complicated. We help you to rearrange and build up a strong management team, offer regulatory advice, and as an external party, we also attract potential investors by evaluating the market reaction to your offering.

Survival and recovery strategies

Merger and Acquisitions provide an opportunity for market growth and expansion, particularly for privately-held business. We offer help in identifying target firms and strategic partners and establishing an acquisition strategy. We also assist in setting the suitable bid price, review financial and tax due diligence, conduct a risk assessment and make sure a deal can be made. We can also discuss issues surrounding post merger and post-acquisition integration for your business.

Perhaps you feel your business is beyond rectifying. Fear not! We can assist in business survival through planning strategies to alleviate the drop of revenue, shrinking margins and insufficient working capital. We also recommend strategies for risk management, credit management and debt restructuring.