Financial reporting

Monitoring business transactions and finance is paramount for a firm's long term achievement. It provides not only a clear picture the business’ direction, but also helps record transactions and historical data for the company itself and other stakeholders.
The related services that we offer are as follows:

Book keeping and financial statements management

Make sure your business is on track and compliant with regulations is necessary. We can help in tax filing, providing qualified accounting contractors for your back-office work and improving the timeliness of information management.

Financial statements reflect your company's position and we can provides strategies to decrease you credit risk, finding solutions to finance working capital and meeting your growth expectations. Moreover, we assist in matching your personal needs with your business needs by taking advantage of tax incentives and government allowance.

Assurance, auditing and internal control review

Since different stakeholders have different needs, independent assurance is normally required by potential investors. We use an independent audit report to communicate with your stakeholders about the financial position and historical earnings of your business. We will identify the risks facing your business and suggest an effective system of control.