Risk management

Nowadays, more and more companies are aware of risk management and it has become a factor driving business success. However, private businesses which without a robust risk management process may not be competitive enough. We offer the following services for private businesses to develop contingency plans and strategies to turn potential risks into opportunities.

Regulatory compliance and fraud prevention

Apart from local government regulations, industry-specific regulations that need to be met can also be a great concern for business stakeholders. We will help your business to fully comply with the necessary regulations.

Despite being against the law, fraud can still be present in a business. The excessive cost of fraud can further damage businesses reputation resulting in decline of revenue. To prevent this, we can conduct a detailed analysis of operation and expansion plans, and suggest specific training to curb fraudulent activity.

Financial risk management

A healthy financial backdrop is key for any business. Private businesses in particular, may need advice on credit management, lowering risk and control credit loss. We can review and advise on treasury management such as capital structure management and cash flow forecast.

Business continuity and Disaster recovery

As the leader of a private business, you may experience unfortunate events such as drop of revenue, insufficient working capital and shrinking margins. We provide advice and strategies to overcome the changing industry structures and economic conditions. For example, we can assist in the formulation of debt restructuring plans and the related negotiation with bank.

Litigation support

In order to be more competitive, many firms will prevent the exposure of their business interests. We can give recommendations about commercial disputes to your lawyers. We can also communicate with your lawyers about the complicated financial matters, investigate the relevant information, and provide expert services if it is needed.