Tax services

Who really wants to spend their hard-earned income on tax? We can help you to plan strategies so you don’t have to pay any extra tax. To save your income, we can make plans for corporate restructuring, increasing tax efficiency for you business. If requested, we are also able to assist in managing your personal and corporate tax so that you can manage your risk, while at the same time getting the maximum benefit from your business. We offer the following tax services to help you:

Corporate tax planning

To help with your business profits tax, we help reduce the amount of tax payment through strategic tax planning and taking advantage of government incentive and tax regulations. We can organize tailored tax programs for you, including the latest tax compliance and legislation, showing the impact it will have on your business.

Personal tax planning

To avoid affecting personal family income, we help you ensure that you do not have high personal tax liabilities. Not only do we offer plans to reduce your tax payment, we also provide tax strategies that assist you to achieve your target by understanding your financial conditions and future goals.

Tax compliance

It can often be an arduous task for private businesses to comply with tax regulations when the rules change so often. We will ensure your business always meets the tax requirements of Hong Kong and even in other jurisdictions.