Wealth management

Having a successful business does not mean that you are not paying extra tax or making a wrong investment decision. We can assist you in setting business and personal financial targets by investigation of your company's financial condition. The following are the services that we offer to achieve your targets:

Insurance planning

The majority of people have a risk adverse attitude, whether it be in travelling or in running their own business. In order to reduce the cost of damage, we provide a range of insurance options in different areas such as travel, medical and life. Commercially, we offer fire insurance, employee compensation, office or shop packages as well as insurance on public and professional liability. Or we can tailor make a package for your specific needs.

Retirement planning

For most private business owners, the company is the largest asset of their family. It is, therefore, crucial to examine all the available options before proceeding to the next step. We offer advice on the sale of business and the transferal to family or other parties. Optionally, if you decide to leave the company, we can calculate your future financial needs and then plan a retirement and exit plan for you.

Perhaps, your business is looking to handover to the next generation? Let us discuss and plan your preferred method of distribution as well as making recommendations for you to reduce future tax liabilities using either family or other trusts.

Charitable giving planning

Barack Obama certainly had it right when he said: 'If you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody.' If your business is capable of sharing with others, let us help you to make a plan for giving to meet your target for charities. Whether you are from a personal or tax-planning perspective, we’ll assist you in making the best decision to establish and manage your private foundations.