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Take charge of your business with CLOUDE

Thanks MedicSmart for the invitation to share Cloude and 2019 tax tips to a group of specialist doctor. An enjoyable dinner event @ Dalloyau…


修例觸發連串示威暴動癱瘓機場,加上朝夕上街遊行封路及中美貿易戰影響下內憂外患,導致零售食肆被逼關門,預料本港經濟會迅速下滑。 (more…)

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission Issues Statement on Backdoor Listings and Shell Activities

On July 26, 2019, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) published a statement explaining its general approach to utilizing its statutory powers…


按國際慣例,兩個主體國家之間為避免雙重徵稅,國與國之間通過協商談判,達成雙邊稅收協定,內地與香港雖是一個國家, (more…)

Home Smart Home

Smart homes offer consumers the convenience of being able to control their home environment at the touch of a button, even when they are…


交易所應對市場上層出不窮的借殼上市手法,持續上市準則(俗稱養殼)等修例經過一年多整理,於上星期公布諮詢總結後, (more…)