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Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area

The 16 policy measures are set out below:

Policies and measures benefiting members of the public

  • Facilitating property purchases by Hong Kong residents in the Mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area
  • Supporting the use of mobile electronic payment by Hong Kong residents on the Mainland
  • Pilot scheme for Hong Kong residents to open Mainland personal bank accounts in the Greater Bay Area remotely by attestation
  • Ensuring that the children of Hong Kong and Macao residents enjoy the same education as those of Mainland residents
  • Exploring the establishment of a cross- boundary wealth management scheme
  • Facilitating non-Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents to travel to and from the Mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area
  • Permitting the use of Hong Kong-registered drugs and common medical devices in designated Hong Kong-owned healthcare institutions in the Greater Bay Area

Policies and measures supporting professional services

  • Measures on partnership associations by Hong Kong and Mainland law firms, legal consultants and special examination
  • Further extending the scope of mutual recognition of qualifications for construction professionals
  • Expanding the scope of liberalization measures for construction professionals from Hong Kong and Macao to practice on the Mainland
  • Preferential treatment on insurance regulation
  • Removing the requirement on years of operating experience for Hong Kong service suppliers to provide insurance loss adjusting services on the Mainland
  • Supporting bond market development in Hong Kong and Macao (catastrophe bonds)

Innovation and technology

  • Supporting the development of the Shenzhen- Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Co- operation Zone
  • Facilitating customs clearance of imported animal-derived biomaterials
  • Relaxing the limitation on exporting Mainland human genetic resources to Hong Kong and Macao
The 16 policy measures would help strengthen and improve Hong Kong's traditional strengths in areas such as finance, medicine and professional services, as well as develop new focuses of economic growth such as innovation and technology.