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23 Jan

Great having Cloude Workshop with RSM Consulting and Xero

14 Jan

Cloude Workshop to IVE Lecturers

25 Apr

Since launching in 2014, Stock Connect has helped bolster Hong Kong’s role in connecting the Mainland with the rest of the world. Nicky Burridge…

19 Oct

On September 17, 2018, The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) announced the launch of the Faster Payment System (FPS).

01 Aug

時光飛逝,科技日新月異,人工智能進軍多個傳統行業,為人們生活帶來便利。最近多個報導及分析顯示,會計和財務使用智能系統率達到97.6%,系統為公司專注解決做開支報表的難題, (more…)

11 Jan

在上一期專欄中提及到,公司業務利得稅在4月新稅季開始降低至8.25%,稅制改革為企業發展創造了積極條件,企業可考慮把其業務拆細, (more…)