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SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF Fund)

SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF Fund)
The EMF Fund aims to provide funding for SMEs to encourage their participation in export promotion activities, thereby assisting them to explore markets outside Hong Kong.

Eligibility for EMF Fund Application

  • SMEs registered in Hong Kong
  • The company must have substantive business operations in Hong Kong. Shell companies or those operating mainly outside Hong Kong are not eligible.
  • The cumulative funding amount a company has received cannot exceed the cumulative funding ceiling stipulated by the fund. Companies with similar BR information will be considered as one enterprise, with their funding consolidated.
  • The promotion activities applied for funding cannot be organized or co-organized by the applicant, or associated with the event organizer

Scope of Funding by EMF Fund

EMF Fund can be used for the following activities to promote products and services:
  • Exhibitions outside Hong Kong targeting overseas markets
  • Exhibitions in Hong Kong targeting overseas markets
  • Exhibitions in Hong Kong targeting the local market
  • Participation in online trade exhibitions
  • Business missions held outside Hong Kong
  • Online business missions
  • Advertisements in publications targeting overseas markets
  • Online promotions targeting overseas markets, e.g. ads, keyword search, product listings, online stores
  • Establishing or enhancing overseas market-oriented company website/app

Funding Amount by EMF Fund

50% of the total project cost. e.g. For a $200,000 project, the company can receive $100,000 funding, up to $1 million (cap of $100,000 per application).

Application process for EMF Fund

  • Client obtains project quotations
  • Client executes project
  • Client provides company documents to Linkz Consulting for report preparation and submission of proof. CityLinkers assists with application submission.
  • Await TDC's reply and follow up
  • Disbursement of funding after approval