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Cloude, Smart Cloud Accounting Solutions

Cloude, Smart Cloud Accounting Solutions
CityLinkers introduced Cloude in 2018 to address the growing demand on cloud accounting and provide enterprises with an innovative digital transformation framework to unleash their growth potential in this digital era.

Cloude is an encrypted, secure, function-rich, user-friendly and market leading cloud accounting solutions powered by Xero cloud platform. Cloude has been providing service to over hundreds of companies which are now enabled to enjoy full benefits of seamless, real-time, paperless and secure cloud accounting solutions. With Cloude, enterprises can significantly streamline business process and enhance operation efficiency.

Cloude provides size, industry and function-specific solutions to address respective needs ranging from start-up to enterprise, F&B, retails to healthcare and HR to marketing.

Business process outsourcing monthly services including accounting, payroll, tax and other compliance are also available allowing enterprises to eliminate tedious daily backend functions, free up substantial time to focus on their core business.

Leveraging our expertise and extensive experience, our dedicated team are committed to helping enterprises of all sizes and types to meet their diversified business needs with unparalleled and innovative one-stop solutions.

Our highlights

  • Xero Platinum and first Global Partner
  • Qualified professionals
  • Flexible servicing models
  • Experience in complex reporting of MNC

CityLinkers provides these services

  • Xero cloud accounting implementation and training
  • Chart of account and templates set up
  • Accounting review and support
  • Special report and compliance overview
  • M&A related accounting support
  • Interim accounting solutions