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Company Secretary services in Hong Kong (Com sec in HK)

Company Secretary services in Hong Kong (Com sec in HK)
CityLinkers' corporate secretarial team support clients through every phase of their business entities' lifecycles. Under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong must appoint a company secretary, who must be a Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above or a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong.

Providing company secretary (com sec) services to your business throughout the various stages of their existence

From company incorporation and registration to ongoing maintenance and governance, we ensure that our client fulfield the statutory compliance. With extensive experience across multiple jurisdictions, our corporate secretarial team provides end-to-end assistance. We partner with clients to establish new corporate structures, implement robust governance frameworks, fulfill secretarial obligations, and administer day-to-day corporate matters. By leveraging our expertise, clients can focus on core business objectives while trusting we will maintain their entities in full accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive corporate secretarial support provides clients with assurance and peace of mind.

CityLinkers provides the following Company Secretarial (com sec) services for Hong Kong companies

As company secretary (com sec), keeping the company compliant

As your company secretary (com sec), CityLinkers provides comprehensive corporate compliance support to ensure the business and its operation thoroughly comply with the regulations in the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. This includes your statutory returns and keeping company records up to date.

As company secretary, maintaining the statutory books

As per Hong Kong regulations, companies must maintain accurate and current statutory records, stored securely in physical or digital form, and have them accessible for public inspection if required. CityLinkers ensure that clients' statutory books fulfill all legal obligations. The essential records we keep updated on the company's behalf include:
  • Register of directors, members, shareholders, and company secretary with their particulars
  • Register of significant controllers - individuals or entities with substantial control/ownership
  • Register of charges over company assets used as security for finances
  • Minutes of director and member meetings documenting proceedings and resolutions
  • Financial statements - balance sheets, income statements, and other accounting records
With our corporate secretarial services, clients gain assurance their statutory records adhere to Hong Kong legal standards for completeness, access, and confidentiality when appropriate. We monitor regulatory changes to remain

As company secretary (com sec), filing statutory returns

As your company secretary, we are responsible for ensuring all statutory returns are filed on time and accurately. Some of the most common returns include:
  • Annual return: Must be filed within 42 days of your company’s incorporation anniversary.
  • Tax return: Must be filed by all companies that are liable to pay taxes.
  • Other reports: Several other reports may need to be filed depending on the company.

What CityLinkers can help as company secretary (com sec)

  • File annual reports to the Company Registry
  • Arrange annual general meetings and prepare required documents
  • Handle changes to articles of associations, company names, directors, company secretaries or auditors
  • Handle share allotment and transfer
  • Provide supporting facilities, such as registered office, authorized  representative of the regular secretary, legal document agent, etc.
  • Maintain legal registration and documentation
  • Handle company deregistration and liquidation

Why engage CityLinkers as your company secretary

Expertise and experience

CityLinkers has specialized expertise in company secretarial services and long experience in handling compliance, filings, and administrative tasks for clients. This can save you time and ensure things are done properly.

Compliance Assistance

As your Company secretary, CityLinkers ensure that compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements. They stay up-to-date on changing rules and filings. This prevents non-compliance penalties

Corporate Governance

As your company secretary, CityLinkers assist in ensuring good corporate governance and adherence to procedures. This promotes transparency and accountability.

Board Support

As your company secretary, CityLinkers provide assistance to boards of directors with meetings, minutes, advice and governance matters. This optimizes board effectiveness.


As professionals and your company secretaries, CityLinkers maintain complete confidentiality regarding sensitive company information and records. This provides security and peace of mind.