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Listing Consultation

Listing Consultation
Going public is a significant milestone for a company that requires great effort and cooperation from all departments as well as professional parties to work together, it would be of great benefit if professional assistance is available to guide you through the process and tackle potential issues.

CityLinkers’ capital market experts can assist in solving key issues during the IPO process. Our experienced team possesses in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations of all major capital markets and related knowledge.
Recognised in the market with professional IPO experience, CityLinkers can help assessing whether if the company is ready for IPO, a standard listing preparation assessment includes:
  • Historical financial information and “investment stories”
  • Major requirements and obstacles to listing
  • Transaction structure (e.g. tax optimisation)
  • Key value drivers and risk factors that may affect corporate value
  • Corporate governance arrangements
  • Assist in selecting suitable professional parties for listing
  • Industry and peer comparisons
  • Listing preparation assessments
  • Pre-listing valuations
We also provide the following services: