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Outsource Accounting Services

Outsource Accounting Services

We understand the difficulties of SMEs

  • High loss of accounting talents, frequent replacements and high hiring cost
  • Difficulty hiring and finding the right talents
  • The quality of accounting varies
  • Corporate accounting fails to resolve corporate issues effectively
  • Accountants are busy with their daily work ,resulting in intermittent financial work
  • Corporate accountants are not familiar with finance, current accounting standards nor corporate tax regulations

Impact to company

  • Difficult accounting handovers, easy to create confusion to follow up
  • High recruitment costs and difficulty finding accounting talent
  • Financial information is not updated frequently , easy to make wrong business decisions
  • Causing the company to violate regulatory requirements

Advantage of CityLinkers

Save on operating expenses

  • You can have the services of a team of accounting professionals at half cost

Professional service commitment

  • Guaranteed quality of work. Formulate appropriate fiscal and taxation plans for clients' financial needs
  • Regularly train our staff and cooperate with the continuous staff operation of the enterprise system
  • We have experienced accounting team. With Xero system, maintain clear and continuous accounting service of your company

Helping companies retool their business strategies

  • Professional and experienced accounting team provide service
  • Regularly communicate with your senior management, guide the company's operational shortcomings, and assist in monitoring and rectification
  • Provide regular financial analysis and advice to help clients restructure their business strategies

A team familiar with planning

  • Our team of professional accountants who are familiar with listing regulations and accounting standards at your service
  • Our professional tax team can help you reduce tax risks and avoid tax legally

How can shared financial service help?

Depending on your needs, we will regularly engage with you or management to achieve specific business objectives. At the same time, we can help to guide the company's operational shortcomings, assist in monitoring and rectification, and provide regular financial analysis and advice to help you restructure the business strategy and achieve predetermined operational and profit goals.