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Financial PR

Financial PR
CityLinkers’ experienced financial and public relations professionals, backed with an extensive financial intermediaries network, we are specialized in providing assistance to listed companies.

CityLinkers could assist our clients to strengthen their relationships with stakeholders and regulators, and deliver positive messages to the market via our diversifies and effective channels, attracting institutional investors and funds in order to achieve increased investment resilience, improve corporate governance and establish sustainable value for shareholders.
Our services include:
  • Financial PR, including market positioning, corporate communications, public relations and publicity strategies, management presentation skills training, crisis management, ESG report, corporate governance, market matching
  • Investor relations, including investors meeting, investor database, site visits, roadshows, research reports & analysis, corporate introductory PPT
  • Media relations, including corporate positive message writing, press releases, media monitoring & response, interviews, columns, stock articles, stock commentator promotion, media gathering, financial KOL, social media promotion and advertising
  • Publicity and event management, including listed-company result announcement, Initial Public Offering (IPO), CSR, branding promotion and financial seminar etc