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Internal Audit & Risk Management

Internal Audit & Risk Management
Our team is a team of dedicated professionals committed to assisting business leaders to achieve their business objectives and strategic goals. We see all engagements and projects as steppingstones for longer and deeper strategic alliances.

We offer a wide range of services and engagements. Whether it is a highly focused engagement with a pressing completion time or longer multi-year broad coverage advisory engagement, we’d always strive to deliver our service above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

With the ever-changing technological landscape and increasingly challenging business environment, business leaders not only have to stay agile and robust in their own business sector, they’d also need a wider focus and broader consideration horizon: that’s where we come in.  With experience amassed through the decades our professionals are well versed in serving clients of difference sizes and scales.  We cater to the specific needs of our clients with pragmatic, practical and practicable advice and recommendations. So let’s start getting ready for the future, today.

Our internal control and risk management service offering

Our team offers internal audit services for your board to help you assess and manage potential business risks that could get in the way of achieving objectives. These services include:
  • Corporate governance and risk management
  • Board performance evaluation
  • Internal audit co-sourcing or out-sourcing
  • Internal audit function quality or performance assessment
  • Internal audit methodology facilitation and Establishment of system of Internal Audit Workflow Audit
  • Internal audit resources secondment
  • Regulatory and listing rules compliance
  • Contract compliance
  • Risk transformation
  • Financial modelling advisory

The changing business world and the ever evolving internal control and risk management service practices

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) have issued increasingly stringent requirements, necessitating not only listed companies to make a true statement of their internal control within annual reports, but also pre-listed companies to perform extensive due diligence assessments. This has required internal audit departments and sponsors to go beyond the usual roles in delivering relevant business insights that best represent actual company situations. Nonetheless, it is apparent that many companies may lack sufficient resources to meet these requirements.
The business environment is rapidly evolving and, concomitantly, the practice of internal auditing and risk management is undergoing a massive transformation. Automation, climate change, and artificial intelligence are just some of the primary drivers of these changes, providing organizations with both challenges and opportunities. Thus, organizations must proactively integrate risk management with the expertise of risk professionals into their strategic plans in order to not only safeguard themselves from potential risks but also detect openings for growth and innovation. If they opt to embrace these alterations and engage risk professionals at a strategic level, then organizations can surely traverse this intricate landscape successfully and potentially convert threats into advantages.