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Listed Company Company Secretary Service

Listed Company Company Secretary Service
CityLinkers provide professional company secretarial services to listed companies.

Our service included the following:

  • Assign our corporate services director or senior executive who have fulfilled qualifications requirement as specified in the Listing Rules (i.e. a charter company secretary or qualified accountants) as the named company secretary or joint company secretary or assistant company secretary of the listed company.
  • Assist the company secretary of the listed company to handle the company secretarial matters
  • Act as authorized representative
  • Provision of the principal place of business in Hong Kong
  • Publication annual, interim or quarterly (if any) results and reports
  • Convene the annual general meeting
  • Application of general mandate in relation to buy back and/or issue shares
  • Assist the board member to handle board committee matters
  • Attend the matters in relation to code of conduct, compliance manual and other corporate governance matters
  • Assist in amendment of the articles of association and capital structure related matters
  • Attend special transactions and other regulatory compliance services