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Named Company Secretary service (Named com sec) for Listed Company

Named Company Secretary service (Named com sec) for Listed Company
The role of a company secretary is essential for companies of any types and this is particularly true for listed companies that must strictly adhere to various rules and regulations including but not limited to the Listing Rules. This position necessitates a deep understanding of both businesses and regulatory landscapes to ensure full compliance with different regulatory requirements and provide professional advice on corporate governance and best practices related issues.

With its expertise and experience, CityLinkers provides valuable assistance to listed companies in fulfilling their compliance and corporate governance obligations under the Listing Rules and other relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Our teams offer a comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services designed to ease the burden of administrative and regulatory duties, allowing you to more focus on core business activities.

Named Company Secretary (Named com sec / listed com sec)'s responsibilities

Named company secretary (Named com sec)of listed companies bears a wider range of responsibilities than ones of non-listed companies, covering close collaboration with the board of directors and the board committees in ensuring these companies’ day-to-day business operations to be conducted in compliance with requirements and regulations of listed companies, and elevating corporate governance framework and the standard of regulated operations on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, the company secretary also takes the responsibilities for ensuring that procedures of the board of directors and related rules and regulations are followed and each of the directors can have access to the company secretary, to ease their regulatory burden of compliance issues.

Named Company Secretary (Named com sec / listed com sec) 's requisite skills

Other than possession of communication skills, coordination skills, organization skills and administrative capabilities, as prescribed pursuant to both the Listing Rules and GEM Listing Rules, listed companies must appoint as their company secretary an individual who, by virtue of his academic or professional qualifications or relevant experience, is, in the opinion of the Stock Exchange, capable of discharging the functions of company secretary. The academic or professional qualifications considered to be acceptable by the Stock Exchange include:

Named Company Secretary (Named com sec / listed com sec) service for Listed Company included the following:

  • Assign our corporate services directors or senior executives who have fulfilled the qualification requirements as stipulated in the Listing Rules and GEM Listing Rules (i.e. a chartered company secretary or certified public accountants) as the named company secretary or joint company secretary or assistant company secretary of the listed companies;
  • Assist the company secretary of the listed companies to handle the company secretarial matters;
  • Act as authorized representative;
  • Provision of the principal place of business in Hong Kong;
  • Publication annual, interim or quarterly (if any) results and reports;
  • Convene annual/special general meetings;
  • Application of general mandate in relation to buy back and/or issue shares;
  • Assist the members of the board of director to handle board committee matters;
  • Attend the matters in relation to code of conduct, compliance manual and other corporate governance matters;
  • Assist in amendment to the articles of association and capital structure related matters; and
  • Attend special transactions and other regulatory compliance services.

CityLinkers - your best choice of named company secretarial services (Named com sec / listed com sec) in Hong Kong

    CityLinkers offer a comprehensive suite of named company secretary services for listed company that enable you to devote your attention to the essential tasks of generating revenue and enhancing your core business activities. Moreover, our vast network of affiliated professionals and service providers, including lawyers, banks, and potential investors and partners, is at your disposal. We specialize in providing bespoke solutions that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your company.
    CityLinkers are professionals who specialise in providing named company secretarial services. We have the knowledge and expertise in company law and regulations, ensuring compliance and avoiding any legal pitfalls.
    Outsourcing company secretarial services can be cost-effective and time saving. We typically offer flexible pricing models, allowing businesses to pay for only the services they require. By outsourcing company secretarial services, internal teams are able to  concentrate on core business operations and strategic initiatives.
    CityLinkers can easily scale up or down our services based on the company's evolving needs. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt to changing requirements. We can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall quality of company secretarial services.
    Compliance with company laws and regulations is crucial to avoid legal and financial risks. CityLInkers have a strong understanding of these regulations and can help businesses stay compliant and reduce the risk of penalties or legal issues.
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