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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration
A trademark is an important sign used to distinguish the source of goods or services. Trademarks/registered trademarks are protected by the Hong Kong Trade Marks Ordinance and the common law cases of goodwill.

A trademark may consist of words (including personal names), indications, designs, letters, words, numerals, figurative elements, colors, sounds, smells, the shape of products or their packaging, and any combination thereof. A sign that can be represented in writing or graphics can be registered as a trademark.

The major functions of trademarks

Registering a trademark is a crucial step in brand building and has three important roles:
  • Identify the source or ownership of goods or services (e.g., trademarks on products): Trademarks can help consumers identify the manufacturer of a product or provider of a service to ensure that they are purchasing authentic or enjoying the intended service.
  • Guarantee the quality or characteristics of goods or services (e.g., anti-counterfeiting trademark stickers): Trademarks can also be used as a means of quality assurance. When consumers buy goods or services, they often judge their quality based on trademarks.
  • Facilitate advertising and promotion (such as trademarks on signboards and leaflets): Trademarks occupy an important position in advertising and promotional materials, which helps to increase brand awareness and influence. For example, the use of trademarks in promotional materials such as signboards and leaflets help consumers to remember the brand, thereby improving market competitiveness of the product.
Therefore, registered trademarks are of great significance for enterprises and individuals, which can not only protect brand rights and interests and prevent infringement by others, but also help enterprises establish a good market image and improve the visibility of products and services. In a highly competitive market environment, having a unique and recognizable trademark is one of the keys to success.

Registered Hong Kong Trademark:

There is no special restriction on the applicant's qualifications to apply for trademark registration in Hong Kong, whether it is a natural person or a corporate body, it can also apply for a registered trademark. Hong Kong adopts a one-mark-one-category trademark application grant system, which is divided into 45 categories, which is consistent with the international classification.   Our professional services team supports all aspects of the Hng Kong trademark registration process, which can improve the efficiency of registration and enhance the market competitiveness of your corporate or personal brand.

Registration of Mainland Trademarks and Foreign Trademarks

According to the different rules and standards for trademark registration at home and abroad, our professional team can provide the required services, including but not limited to trademark registration in Mainland China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries and regions, to safeguard the brand rights and interests of enterprises and individuals at home and abroad, and enhance brand awareness and recognition.