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Process Agent and Escrow Services

Process Agent and Escrow Services
Having an independent, reputable and trust worthy service provider that can be entrusted with custody and administration of escrowed fund can be critical to an acquisition or funding scheme project. CityLinkers provides reliable solutions to add protection to contracting parties, project owners and intermediates, and support them under robust agreement terms.

Our highlights:

  • Entrusted client trust account
  • Protection under escrow agreement terms and conditions
  • Strong internal control including segregation of duties
  • Senior management to release payments
  • Established work flow
  • Committed turn-around time

CityLinkers provides these services:

  • Process agent services to accept service of legal process on your behalf
  • Escrow service
  • Opening of designated escrow bank account
  • Fund custodian and disbursement
  • Verification of claim documents for funding scheme
  • Accounting and reporting