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Government Funding Advisory

Government Funding Advisory
The Hong Kong Government is committed to supporting startups and SMEs to help realise their vision and take their businesses to the next level. Talk to our Advisors to find out which government funding schemes available to assist your business.

Professional team of government funding application

CityLinkers committed to providing quality government subsidy application services for our clients. We understand each client has unique needs and will attentively listen to their specific circumstances before customizing suitable subsidy programs. Our team leverages our expertise in government subsidy applications to provide thoughtful assistance, aiming for clients to obtain the most ideal subsidy amounts. We have always upheld a client-centric service philosophy and strive to facilitate our clients' business growth through government subsidies.

Serving our client with the best proposals of different government funding applications

CityLinkers understand each enterprise has different operational models. To provide our clients with the most suitable government subsidy programs, we first learn about their business situation and needs before customizing personalized government subsidy application plans. Our team fully utilizes our expertise in government subsidy policies to design high-quality plans that meet government requirements while aligning with clients' business development. We provide end-to-end assistance to clients in implementing the plan's contents to ensure they successfully obtain government subsidies. We are committed to helping our clients explore more business opportunities and expand their operations by delivering thoughtful government subsidy services.

Trusted Experts in government funding applications

CityLinkers understand every aspect and detail of government subsidy applications. To enable clients to get approved with the highest success rate, we recommend the most suitable subsidy programs and application institutions based on their specific situations. Our team fully utilizes our expertise in the application process to assist clients in preparing materials in the most effective way, aiming to help them obtain ideal government funding in the shortest time with the most favorable terms. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and thoughtful government subsidy services so that every client can get smoothly funded.

Why CityLinkers for your government funding applications

CityLinkers has years of experience in writing funding applications and fully grasps the keys to obtaining approvals and explaining the complexity of program designs. We can concisely articulate complicated plans to help reviewers easily understand and approve applications. Based on each client's specific situation, we write personalized applications to obtain the funding amount clients need with the highest approval rate. Our professional services enable clients to effortlessly acquire expected government subsidies.
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