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U.K (United Kingdom)
Located in Western Europe. London, the capital, is the world's largest international foreign exchange market and international insurance center, as well as one of the world largest financial and trade centers. The UK has also become one of the places for high net worth individuals to move to.

Advantages of U.K Company

  • Do not require Company Secretary
  • Convenience on transfer of Shares (No stamp duty/restriction)
  • Able to open a bank account in Hong Kong
  • Tax exemption for offshore business

U.K Company Requirement

  • Company Name Requirement: English Name
  • 1 Director
  • 1 Shareholder (No restriction on the nationality; Shareholder can also be appointed as Director)
  • No restriction on the Share currency (e.g. POUND / USD / HKD / RMB etc.)
  • Recommended issued Share is 1,000 shares

U.K Company Document

  • Identification Proof of the Director and Shareholder
  • Address Proof of the Director and Shareholder

U.K Company Documentation

  • Certificate of Incorporation (C.I.)
  • Registration documentations
  • Share Certificate
  • Memorandum & Articles (M&A)
  • Company Statutory Record and Company Kit
  • Pre-ink Stamp

Our services include

  • Provide registered office and agent
  • Business registration
  • Review of Due Diligence Documents
  • Annual filing and renewal

Time Required

10 working days at soonest