Internal Audit and Risk Management

Internal Audit and Risk Management

Currently, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) mandatorily requires every listed company to
conduct an internal audit and make a true statement of the company’s internal control in the listed company’s annual report. At the business level, companies require their internal auditing departments to go beyond their traditional functions and roles to provide management with business insights that meet their company’s actual situations.

On the other hand, according to the listing rules of the HKEX, the sponsors are required to conduct internal control due diligence assessments for the pre-listed companies, including appropriate assessments of their corporate governance policies, management, accounting systems and internal control systems.

The fact is that not every listed or pre-listed company has sufficient internal resources to handle the increasingly
stringent requirements mentioned above.

Our internal audit and risk management advisory services can conduct business and internal monitoring assessments
for our clients in an efficient and customized manner. We also provide professional advices to enable clients to strike a balance between business efficiency and sound internal control. Whether fully outsourced to us or paternity with our clients’ staff, we are able to design cost-effective internal auditing solutions tailored to the business needs of our clients.


The professionals from the internal audit and risk management advisory department of CityLinkers have extensive knowledge in internal monitoring and information system auditing. We are able to provide clients with practical, timely and comprehensive internal control advices. Over the years, we have developed extensive experience in these service areas based on our services provided to clients from the Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas. This is the reason why we can provide internal control diagnosis and continuous improvement services for many well-known domestic
and foreign group companies.


CityLinkers provides the following services:

  • Conduct internal control assessments for companies ready to be listed to meet the listing requirements;
  • Provide consultation on company’s internal control (e.g. internal control gap analysis and suggestions for improvement);
  • Assist in developing and implementing effective internal control and risk assessment self-evaluation;
  • Assist in ensuring the internal control system complies with relevant regulatory requirements (e.g. SOX Act);
  • Assist in implementing compliance reviews of corporate governance status and regulatory requirements;
  • Assist in developing control measures, process reengineering and the preparation of internal control manuals;
  • Provide trainings on risk management concepts and best practices; and
  • Provide consultation on internal auditing functions and corporate governance optimization.


How can we add value to our clients?

  • Quickly determine the working ideas and methods of internal control projects based on our extensive successful experience in related industries and areas, as well as develop specific assessment plans;
  • Make rectification opinions on the internal control defects found, communicate with management and external auditors, confirm management with rectification priorities and formulate defect rectification plans and proposals;
  • Design governance frameworks and management processes based on the client’s actual situations to help them execute their business more effectively;
  • Share best practices of the industry which the client belongs to, and provide customized advice and practical guidance;
  • Ensure that client’s management understand the significant risks faced by the company and set up effective responding measures; and
  • Enhance the transparency of risk management and internal control reporting in the company’s annual report.


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