Hong Kong Trademarks Registration Service

Hong Kong Trademarks Registration Service

Why do You Need Trademarks and to Register your Trademarks?


Trademarks/registered trademarks are protected by the Trade Marks Ordinance and common law based on previous goodwill cases, and are the first step to brand building. Since January 2004, under the Mainland and Hong Kong
Closer Economic Relationship Arrangement, trademark registration has become a necessary means of business
promotion and brand building in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Three major functions of trademarks

  • To distinguish the source or ownership of goods or services (such as a mark on a product)
  • To guarantee the quality or uniqueness of goods or services (such as an anti-counterfeit label)
  • To be used for advertising and promotion (such as a mark on a signboard or leaflet)


Benefits of a registered trademark

  • Important asset – advantage in asset evaluation during IPO or acquisition
  • Exclusive right to use – prevention of trademark infringement or any other infringement
  • Logo – legitimate right to use the logos of ® and TM
  • Protection of rights and benefits – preventionof registration of the same or a misleading/confusing mark by
  • Legal protection – eligibility to take legal actions against counterfeiters
  • Business expansion – prerequisite for business expansion via franchising

Required information and documents

Owned by a company

  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation (CI)
  • Copy of the business registration certificate (BR)
  • Proposed trademark image/text
  • Class(es) of the proposed trademark

Owned by an individual

  • Valid identity documents
  • Valid correspondence address
  • Proposed trademark image/text

Duration of application

As short as six months (the registration is valid for ten years)