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23 Jan

Great having Cloude Workshop with RSM Consulting and Xero

14 Jan

Cloude Workshop to IVE Lecturers

23 Dec

世界銀行聯合最新發佈了《2020年世界繳稅報告》,這份報告衡量了全球190個經濟體的中型民營企業,於過去15年中長期營商環境的變遷,可以說是世界銀行對《營商環境》報告中的「稅收」指標的一份詳細解讀。 (more…)

20 Dec

On November 7, 2019, the State Council of China released the opinions on further improving the utilization of foreign investment with the aim of…

13 Dec

The development of virtual banks has pushed Hong Kong into a new era of financial innovation. A panel of industry experts discuss the potential…

12 Dec

筆者早前提及共享經濟浪潮的商業模式,這一次跟大家分享新時代下另一股新勢力——「電池經濟」,進入2020年是物聯網和智慧城市的大時代,要支撐智慧城市普及 (more…)

05 Dec

早期分享過公司開戶的技巧及準備,最近政府及金管局主動要求銀行放寬開戶審批,給予中小企營運上便利的優勢,有銀行已順應推出適合港人創業和中小企業的特色帳戶 (more…)

04 Dec

Come and visit us at our booth at the Hong Kong International Franchising Show (4-6/12/2019) from Wednesday to Friday in the Hong Kong Convention…

29 Nov

Hong Kong has long been renowned for its simple tax regime and low tax rates. The transfer pricing  (TP) rules introduced in the Inland…

29 Nov

The 16 policy measures are set out below: (more…)