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Transfer pricing planning

Transfer pricing planning
In recent years, Hong Kong has formally implemented the transfer pricing ordinance governing related party transactions.

Hong Kong companies are required to prepare transfer pricing documentation if the thresholds specified in the legislation are met. The Inland Revenue Department also has the power to make transfer pricing adjustments to Hong Kong taxpayers to reflect the level of transfer pricing it deems reasonable.

Since the introduction of transfer pricing legislation, the Inland Revenue Department has paid particular attention to related party transactions involving cross-border companies. Groups should prepare documentation of transfer pricing policies for their businesses operating in Hong Kong and assess the associated risks.

Our Service Include:

Our international tax and transfer pricing team can assist groups in assessing the tax risks associated with transfer pricing and make tax-related advice on group related party transaction arrangements. Our professional team can provide, prepare and maintain transfer pricing documents for review by tax authorities, helping to resolve transfer pricing issues that may arise for businesses.