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British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Formation in Hong Kong

British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Formation in Hong Kong
BVI (British Virgin Islands) is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, covering an area of 153 square kilometers and is one of the member states of the British Commonwealth. The British Virgin Islands is governed by English common law. The country has now become a global business hub for multinational companies and entrepreneurs.

British Virgin Islands companies do not have to pay taxes, they are not subject to foreign exchange controls, and the local government requires simple information to be submitted, therefore, it has attracted many multinational companies and individuals to register BVI companies. Today, the British Virgin Islands has become the first choice for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Advantages of BVI Company

  • Provides privacy protection without disclosing shareholder and director identities (From January 1, 2023, due to amendments to relevant laws, registered users of the BVI system can inquire about the directors of relevant companies.)
  • If the company is already in operation, it is required to report to the government every year when reporting economic substance
  • No registered capital requirements and bank accounts can be opened anywhere in the world
  • Chinese company name can be used

BVI Company Formation Requirement

  • Company Name Requirement: English Name
  • Chinese Name (Optional, additional registration fee is required)
  • 1 Director
  • 1 Shareholder (no restriction on the nationality; Shareholder can also be appointed as Director)
  • No restriction on the Share currency (e.g. USD / HKD / RMB etc.)
  • Standard issued Share is 50,000 shares
  • Increase of Share, additional registration fee is required, annual fee also increases in accordance with the company's share capital

BVI Company Document Required

  • Identification Proof of the Director and Shareholder
  • Address Proof of the Director and Shareholder (If you use a Chinese ID card, only one of them can be used as proof)

BVI Company Documentation

  • Company Incorporation Certificate (C.I.)
  • Registration documentations
  • Share Certificate
  • Memorandum & Articles (M&A)
  • 1 Company Statutory Record and Company Kit
  • Pre-stamp Chop
  • 1 piece of Common Seal

Our Services include:

  • Provide registered office and agent
  • Business registration
  • Review of Due Diligence Documents
  • Provide the relevant documents of the company secretary
  • Annual filing and renewal
  • Assist in handling economic entity declaration

Time Required

Tailor-Made Company - 10 working days at soonest