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Cayman Fund Setup & Administration

Cayman Fund Setup & Administration

Summary of audit requirements for Cayman Fund

When a fund is being registered to CIMA, it is required to state its first financial period and an annual audit, is required to be performed. The financial statements audited by a CIMA Approved Auditor within six months of the fund’s year end, along with the Fund Annual Return form. The Fund Annual Return and audited financial statements are filed with CIMA on the “REEFS” electronic filing system, by the CIMA Approved Auditor of the fund.

Why CityLinkers?

In practice, the financial records of the investment fund are generally located at the office of the fund manager or administrator; resulting in difficulties for the CIMA approved auditors to perform audit on the financial statements. In view of this, CityLinkers Group has partnered with CIMA approved auditors, to carry out necessary audit work and issue audited financial statements recognised by CIMA.

Our Audit Service for Cayman Funds

  • One-stop audit service in Hong Kong
  • Time and cost saving Cayman Islands Investment Funds Audit services
  • Partnered with CIMA approved auditors.
  • One-stop audit –only with our office.
  • Performing audit for Cayman Island investment funds since 2017, with a client base totalling to 250+ Cayman Island investment funds to date
  • Clients’ portfolios include listed instruments, private equities, fund of funds, digital assets, crypto currencies platforms, debt instrument etc.
  • Investment fund size of our clients totals to USD3+ billion.
  • Management team with 10+ years of experience in Big4 accounting firms.
  • An alternative to traditional international accounting firms.