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Seychelles is an independent republic within the Commonwealth of Nations. Seychelles consists of about 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, and its legal currency is mainly the Republic of Seychelles rupees.

Seychelles companies are mainly divided into two categories: International Business Company (IBC) and Special Licensed Company (CSL), of which the Registered International Business Company (IBC) is the most common. Seychelles adopts International Business Company Law as the main company law. The aspects of company registration, operation and taxation are relatively simple, and companies are required to disclose less information.

Advantages of Seychelles Company

  • Provides privacy protection without disclosing shareholder and director identities
  • Offshore business activities or transactions of international business companies are not required to declare and pay any tax
  • Chinese company name can be displayed in the company registration certificate
  • No foreign exchange controls

Seychelles Company Formation Requirement

  • Company Name Requirement:
    English Name
    Chinese Name (Optional, FREE registration)
  • 1 Director
  • 1 Shareholder (no restriction on the nationality; Shareholder can also be appointed as Director)
  • No restricition on the Share currency (e.g. USD / HKD / RMB etc.)
  • Recommended issued Share is 1,000,000 shares

Seychelles Company Document Required

  • Identification Proof of the Director and Shareholder
  • Address Proof of the Director and Shareholder

Seychelles Company Documentation

  • Certificate of Incorporation (C.I.)
  • Registration documentations
  • 10 sheets of Share Certificate
  • 5 copies of Memorandum & Articles (M&A)
  • 1 Company Statutory Record and Company Kit
  • 3 pieces of Pre-ink Stamp

Our services include

  • Provide registered office and agent
  • Business registration
  • Review of Due Diligence Documents
  • Provide the relevant documents of the company secretary
  • Annual filing and renewal

Time Required

7 working days at soonest