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United Arab Emirates (Dubai) (RAK)

United Arab Emirates (Dubai) (RAK)
Dubai is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is the second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is known as the "trade capital". About 70% of the UAE's non-oil trade is concentrated locally; its superior geographical location is complemented by complete transportation construction. , creating favorable conditions for it to become the most convenient place for land, sea and air transportation in the Gulf region and a trade center in the entire Middle East region.
Dubai has become one of the major international cities in the 21st century.

Advantages of UAE companies

  1. The government provides privacy protection for enterprises, and the information of directors is absolutely confidential;
  2. The identities of directors and shareholders are not subject to national borrowing restrictions;
  3. Enjoy a high degree of confidentiality, protect the interests of shareholders, and do not need to announce the identity of the beneficiary;
  4. In order to encourage economic development and attract foreign investment, one person can completely own a limited company;
  5. The UAE and China signed the Double Taxation Agreement;
  6. There is no need to submit an auditor's report, just keep the data to reflect the economic situation;
  7. Profits from operations in other places are not required to pay profits tax to achieve the purpose of reasonable tax exemption;
  8. Businesses can open bank accounts all over the world;
  9. The follow-up service is simple, the confidentiality is extremely strong, tax-free, and the political and economic environment is stable.

Our services include:

  • Provide registered office and agent
  • Apply for a Business Registration Certificate
  • Review of Due Diligence Documents
  • Provide the relevant documents of the company secretary
  • Annual filing and renewal