Incorporation of a
Hong Kong Limited Company

Swift company incorporation service

Many foreign companies have established trade ties with mainland enterprises. Usually they set up Hong Kong-based companies to simplify such issues as foreign exchange (forex) control and taxation. With well-established legal and tax systems, Hong Kong allows free capital flow and receipt of contract payment free from forex control. Overseas
incomes enjoy tax exemption. The Belt and Road Initiative unleashes huge economic potential of over 60 participating
countries, especially China and ASEAN members, bringing new business opportunities to enterprises, large and small.
Establishing a limited company in Hong Kong can help you expand overseas business and tap abundant opportunities.

Company name

  • Under the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, a new company must not be registered by a name that is the
    same as a name of a registered Hong Kong company;
  • The Companies Registry accepts registration of company names in Chinese or English or both.

Characteristics of a Hong Kong limited company

  • No restrictions on the nationality of shareholders and directors;
  • A minimum of one shareholder and one director, andcorporate shareholders and directors allowed;
  • Copies of identity documents and residential address proof required for company registration;
  • Appointment of a company secretary and provision of a Hong Kong registered address (may be provided by CityLinkers for a fee);
  • Allotment of at least 1 share at HK$1;
  • Current profit tax rate at 8.25% for the first HK$2 million profit.

Incorporation procedures

  • Provision of the company name, identity documents and residential address proof of shareholders, directors and company secretary (may appoint CityLinkers for a fee), and registered business address (may be provided by CityLinkers for a fee);
  • Company incorporation documents (letter of entrusted share transfer, consent to act as director, etc.) signed by the applicant;
  • After incorporate, CityLinkers to inform the applicant of all the details, including certificate of incorporation and business registration certificate;
  • Commencement of business and execution of any contracts immediately upon incorporation;
  • The applicant to collect the whole set of company incorporation documents from us in person.

For further query, please fill in and return this HKCO-form  to us by fax (+852-3152 3231) or by email. We will contact
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