Cayman Fund Services

CityLinkers has partnered with a CIMA approved auditor to provide audit services to Cayman Island investment funds and issue financial statements that is recognised by CIMA. We are well experienced in Cayman Fund audit and can be an alternative solution to traditional international accounting firms.

With the recent amendment to the Mutual Fund Law of the Cayman Islands, majority of Cayman Islands investment funds are now required to be registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”), which means they are subject to annual audits by a CIMA approved auditor and the audited financial statements would need to be submitted to CIMA within within six months after financial year end or within such extension of that period as CIMA may allow.

CityLinkers understands that, a lot of time the financial records of the investment funds are located at the office of the fund manager or administrator, making it difficult for the CIMA approved auditors to perform their audit on the financial statements. Hence, we have partnered with a CIMA approved auditor, enabling us to carry out the audit work and issue an audited financial statements recognised by CIMA.

Our advantages are as follow:

  • Stable relationship – CityLinkers has established a long-term partnership with a CIMA approved auditor.
  • Hassle free – CityLinkers provides an one-stop audit service and you only have to negotiate with our office.
  • Experienced – CityLinkers has been performing audits for Cayman Island investment funds since 2017, with a client base totalling to 80+ Cayman Island investment funds to date, investment fund size of our clients is as much as USD1+ billion.
  • Diversified – CityLinker’s clients’ portfolios include listed instruments, private equities, fund of funds, crypto currencies platforms, debt instrument etc..
  • Professionalism – CityLinkers’ management team possesses 10+ years of experience in Big4 accounting firms and can be an alternative to traditional international accounting firms.

For further query, please contact us by +852 6816 8938 or by email. We will contact you shortly. All information will be handled in strictly confidential manner.