Establishment of Offshore Company

Establishment of a BVI Offshore Company

The government of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has launched the International Business Companies Act to develop their financial sector and foster international business activities. There are some main features of the Act which give rise of BVI offshore companies encompassing unstrict regulations on BVI incorporation and confidentiality of the investment.

It is preferable to set up a BVI offshore company to a Hong Kong company, in order to enjoy the benefits exclusive to offshore jurisdictions. One of the advantages is that the offshore company’s general information is kept confidential by the offshore government. Besides, offshore company is only required to pay annual government fees to the offshore jurisdiction and enjoys tax exemptions.

CityLinkers as a professional service provider, can offer assistance in the BVI offshore company setup and registration, ensuring a high-quality and efficient service. We ensure that the statutory and regulatory responsibilities would be carefully fulfilled and therefore clients could concentrate on managing and growing their business.

Advantages in setting up an a BVI offshore company:

  • Develop multinational businesses and enhance corporate image
  • Facilitate investment financing which is the first step to overseas listing
  • Convenient registration processes
  • Legal tax savings
  • Easy company management
  • Company registration information and document confidentiality
  • Effective protection of assets
  • Convenient international trade
  • No restrictions on the scope of businesses
  • No restrictions on investors, shareholders and directors

Why CityLinkers?


The team of CityLinkers comprises of professionals and talents from various industries such as law and accounting who can offer the most professional service and advice on the BVI offshore company setup and registration. On top of that, with the familiarity with the offshore jurisdictions in the BVI, our team can save clients’ time and resources to ensure the successful setup of BVI offshore company, helping them to expand their business and seize the business opportunities.


CityLinkers is experienced in dealing with matters concerning BVI offshore company such as setup and registration with the significant number of previous clients and cases. CityLinkers promise to provide continual support throughout the process ranging from the BVI offshore company setup to the termination of business.

Criteria for the BVI Offshore Company Setup:

  • There should be a registered agent and address in the BVI
  • There should be at least one director and shareholder
  • The director(s) can be in the form of a natural person or a corporate

Required documents for the BVI Offshore Company Setup

Legal director/shareholder

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of company registration
  • Prospectus or Articles of Association
  • Other related documents (depends on the requirements of the juristictions)

Individual director/shareholder

  • Proof of address of the recent three months
  • Effective document of identity (e.g. passport)

The BVI Offshore Company Setup Kit:

  • Registration certificate
  • Signature stamp
  • Small round stamp
  • High quality steel stamp

The Procedures of the BVI Offshore Company Setup and Registration:

  • Clients should decide on the name of the BVI Offshore Company
  • The application form and required documents should be submitted to CityLinkers
  • CityLinkers would conduct a thorough review and checking of the submitted documents and other information
  • Clients should sign and send the official documents to CityLinkers
  • CityLinkers would work on the BVI offshore company registration
  • Clients would be notified upon successful registration and certification

Required Setup Time of a BVI Offshore Company:

  • The whole process would require a minimum of seven working days (depends on the requirements of the jurisdictions)

Services that we provide:

  • CityLinkers offer to provide services on incorporation and a BVI offshore companyregistration
  • CityLinkers work on the administrative and secretarial services on directorship and corporation of a BVI offshore company
  • CityLinkers maintain services on registered office by careful observation of the statutory and regulatory obligations
  • CityLinker provide assistance in the liquation of a BVI offshore company and ensure the legal procedures are strictly followed

For further query, please contact us by +852 6816 8938 or by email. We will contact you shortly. All information will be handled in strictly confidential manner.