Establishment of Offshore Company

Establishment of Offshore Company

It is preferable to set up offshore company to a Hong Kong company, the offshore company’s general information is kept confidential by the offshore government. Besides, offshore company only requires to pay annual government fees to the offshore jurisdiction and enjoys tax exemptions.

Advantages in setting up an offshore company::

  • Develop multinational businesses and enhance corporate image
  • Facilitate investment financing which is the first step to overseas listing
  • Convenient registration processes
  • Legal tax savings
  • Easy company management
  • Company registration information and document confidentiality
  • Effective protection of assets
  • Convenient international trade
  • No restrictions on the scope of businesses
  • No restrictions on investors, shareholders and directors

Required documents:

Legal director/shareholder

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of company registration
  • Prospectus or Articles of Association
  • Other related documents (depends on the requirements of the juristictions)

Individual director/shareholder

  • Proof of address of the recent three months
  • Effective document of identity (e.g. passport)

Offshore company set up kit:

  • Registration certificate
  • Signature stamp
  • Small round stamp
  • High quality steel stamp

Setup Time required:

  • Minimum seven working days (depends on the requirements of the juristictions)

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