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Development and Training
The commitment of CityLinkers to its staff is reflected by its Philosophy: Communicate, Considerate, Commit and Complete. We recognise that the Company’s success depends on its people and that to remain amongst the best in the industry it must always seek ways to improve the standards and performance of our staff.

Our training and development policy is based on the view that the knowledge, attitude and skills of our staff are amongst the most important assets to realise our ambition. As a consequence, education and training are an essential part of our HR policy.

We invest resources in the training and development of staff in order to improve their performance; and prepare those with the ability to take on additional or different responsibilities for future career progression. We use training programme to create meeting places for exchange of experience and networks for staff from different levels, disciplines and cultural backgrounds, and to offer opportunities for benchmarking to the outside world. The training programme take the form of internal and external courses and project work.