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Society Responsibility

Social Responsibilty

Social Responsibilty

We believe that human resources (“HR”) are the most valuable asset of the Company. Not only do we make an effort to develop the abilities and productivity of our staff, but we also encourage a harmonious work culture by fostering relationship with staff at every level in the organisation. The Company encourages staff to express and share their views and ideas to bring about improvement in the organisation towards the achievement of the common goal. With our due respect, as well as being empathetic and sensitive to their needs, our staff take pride in their work and are willing to devote for the mutual development of the Company and themselves.

Personnel and Management Development

It is the policy of the Company to recruit the best qualified people and to maintain a pool of human resources according to the manpower requirement and planning of the Company.

It is also the policy of the Company to transfer or promote well performing and capable employees to fill vacancies of appropriate positions so that employees are provided with opportunities to widen their exposures and further their career development within the Company.

All applicants have equal opportunities of employment irrespective of their age, sex, marital status, pregnancy, family status, disability, race, nationality or religion.
Job applicants are treated fairly and equally. Employment is offered to the best qualified applicants with reference to their merits and abilities to meet the requirements of the jobs irrespective of whether they are referrals or direct applicants.

Compensation and Benefits

The Company’s compensation and benefits policy is based on the view that fair remuneration packages contribute to the motivation of our staff and to the appeal of the Company. Factors that are considered for the remuneration packages include performance, local practice, market standard and individual needs. We support diversity but where appropriate, we stimulate common remuneration practices in the organisation.

The Company aligns individual and team performance with target setting. We encourage individual and team performance by practising open and motivating appraisal procedures with periodic reviews.

We use objective procedures for job ranking (internal equity) and check systematically market conformity in relevant labour markets (external equity).

Other Employment Practices

The Company guarantees that all employment practices, including dismissal, working hours and rest periods, are conducted in compliance with the local labour law.