Cloude Accounting Software HK for Small Businesses

CityLinkers presents the Cloude Accounting Software HK for Small Businesses. Simple to use anytime, anywhere, the Xero Accounting System is the perfect tool for SMEs to keep track of their business accounts.

How Small Business Are Benefitted from Cloude Accounting Software HK Benefits of using Cloude accounting software HK for Small businesses.

  Understanding the financial information of customers: It allows you to have a better understanding of the present financial information that too in real time.

  Save more time with automatic updates: It consists of automatic updates, so you get more time for yourself.

  Enjoy online convenience: There is no need to install software and updates every time as everything is done online plus information is backed up automatically.

  Updates available at no charge: The updates are free of cost, and are available almost instantly in addition to being online.

  Multiple user access: One can collaborate with advisors and teams with the multi-user access feature offered. As the financial information is hosted on the cloud, anyone can access the information from anywhere at any time. Therefore, Accounting Software in Small Businesses is a good choice.

  Reduced Business costs: Issues are handled by the cloud-based service provider. These issues are inclusive of maintenance, service administration costs, upgrades, upgrade of versions, etc. Thus, there is a noticeable decrease in business costs.

  No need for installation: Now there is no need to buy updates or software every time as these are available on the internet absolutely free of cost. One just needs to have internet access in their possession to gain access to cloud based accounting services.

  The software takes accuracy on another level: There is a lesser risk of manual errors taking place as one enters all the important information in the same place and it is backed up regularly. Another plus point of Accounting Software HK is that it is super easy to use, and lets the users enter their information into categories without a sweat. This improves the accuracy of the information and every time one opens the review or reports they can view the accurately displayed information without any errors.

  The assistance of Technical Support: Another good point of cloud based accounting software is that it provides tech support to the user and business companies. One can contact tech support through ways such as chat, phone, and forum support, etc.

  What can you expect from CityLinker’s Cloude Service?

  At CityLinkers, we bring to you ‘Cloude’ — A Cloud based Accounting Service. With the assistance of Cloude, customers can access the following:

  preparation of financial statements: Customers can formulate financial statements and information on a monthly basis.

  The Uploading and Updating of Information on Cloude: Customers can also upload the information or accounting records on Cloude, they can also update these records from time to time to reduce the errors manually.

  Backing up of data using Cloude: Cloude allows the customers to back up accounting records and financial information so they can retrieve it later, in the same form as it is now.

  Noticeable Improvement in the accounting system of companies: Cloude guarantees to design and implement the accounting system of the companies in a way that is more progressive and productive.

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Cloude – Cloud Based Smart Accounting Service

Cloude – Cloud Based Smart Accounting Service

The professional team of CityLinkers provides comprehensive accounting services to our clients. Cloude allows you
to view your company’s cash flow status anytime and anywhere, brings flexibility and convenience to your work. Accounting is always a challenge for owners of different industries. Business owners may feel annoyed by the resignation of their accounting staff and may worry about the bad handover or poor filing of the company’s accounting records or vouchers.

CityLinkers provides you with Cloude to meet your needs which allow you to:
• know your company’s cash flow status anytime and anywhere;
• connect to the banking system seamlessly to reduce the possibility of manual errors;
• maintain clear and continuous accounting service of your company;
• master the operation status easily through its simple operating system.

Our services are as follows:
• Prepare monthly financial statements;
• Save and update accounting records in Cloude;
• Provide accounting professionals to assist in handling specific accounting ledgers;
• Design, implement and improve company’s accounting system, as well as to optimize allocation of accounting staff;

If you have any further enquiries, please fill out this form and return it by fax (+852 3152 3231) or email. We will
contact you and provide our quotation as soon as possible. All information provided will remain strict confidential.