Listing Consultation

Listing consultation

Listing is a significant milestone which requires great effort from all the departments for a company in order to achieve this goal. You need to be clear regarding the issues that you may face at each stage before and after listing.


How can CityLinkers assist you?

CityLinkers has a team of capital market professionals to assist you in solving key issues. We are experienced with in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations of all major capital markets and related knowledge.


Initial listing: are you ready to go public?

The professional team, market recognition and experience of CityLinkers can support you in each stage of preparing
for initial listing. The typical listing preparation assessments include the follows:

  • Corporate historical performance records and “investment stories”
  • Major requirements and obstacles to listing
  • Transaction structure (e.g. tax optimization)
  • Key value drivers and risk factors that may impact the corporate valuations
  • Corporate governance arrangements
  • Suitable agencies for listing
  • Industry and peer comparisons
  • Listing preparation assessments
  • Pre-listing valuations


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