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Linkers CPA Limited is comprised by a team of experts on various fields including, assurance, management, tax, business services and coporate finance. We have provided numerous businesses with tailor-made solutions.

Want To Get Real Accounting Solutions? Head Over To Linkers CpA Limited.

  Want to get real accounting solutions to your problems? Then Head over to Linkers CpA Limited.

  Having served over 1000 corporate entities and companies every year since their commencement in 2008, Linkers CpA limited can be defined as a CpA practice that has been registered with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified public Accountants. With their operation bases branched out in several countries across the globe, they boast of 50 professionally skilled staff plus other partners that have expertise in nailing the job in their network. The sole aim that they carry is to serve the clients in time in a bespoke manner.

  They are an authorized employer, having been registered with the HKICpA. City Linkers CpA brings to you high-quality level professional training to student applicants / members. They are affiliated with the "CityLinkers" group – A group of professionals that have expertise in areas such as tax planning, company secretary, compliance as well as consulting services, corporate finance, etc. for private as well as listed companies.

  The partnership type company’s headquarters are located in Kowloon, HK. With about 51-200 employees serving under the company, they possess expertise in the fields of accounting, company secretarial services, audit, internal control, advisory, audit, tax as well as when it comes to consulting.

  What exactly is meant by accounting and how is it important?

  Accounting can be defined as the language of business, as it deals with the interpretation as well as communication of information about the finances and operations of a company.

  In business, accounting is especially important as it connects the past in conjunction with the future. Decision makers constantly take help from the information provided by accounting in terms of the very recent activity related to finance. In addition to this, recommendations, as well as the information, is quite beneficial for predicting events that will come to be in the future. The role of accounting in business is very crucial to any company because the information related to financial matters that need to be made clear by a Certified public Accountant (CpA) provides executives with the ability to take business decisions. These business decisions assist the companies in making themselves better-heeled.

  Economic events are calculated and defined through the process of accounting. Accounting ideas are used by everyone in work related matter, whether they are investing more, or either handling management of a business, or even deciding on ways to spend paychecks.

  What does a Certified public Accountant really do?

  Certified public Accountants or CpAs work for accounting firms for the public, regardless of their scale. They can be described as decision makers as well as business advisors. They may also play the role of consultants in many cases, such as accounting and taxes.

  They assist business companies and organizations and even individuals in achieving their financial targets and goals. Whether it be savings for a new house, or opening a brand new office, CpAs can come to your rescue.

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CityLinkers Group - Loyalty links us together

CityLinkers is a group of professionals in the areas of corporate finance, funding solutions, IPO consultancy in Hong Kong, financial assurance, tax planning, corporate services and legal advisory services. We have been serving around 1,300 enterprises with their bases of operation in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) since 2008.Under the CityLinkers Group, we have associated CPA firms in Hong Kong, Singapore and United States currently registered with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”), Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore and Public Company Accountancy Oversight Board (“PCAOB’) respectively to have public accounting practice. We are an authorized supervisor registered with HKICPA providing qualified professional training to student members. Also we have associated law firm in Hong Kong to serve our clients on legal matters on IPO, organizational restructuring, due diligence and corporate finance projects.

About CityLinkers

CityLinkers Corporate Solution Limited (“CityLinkers”) is a specialist in all aspects of corporate finance, fund raising, listing consultancy, auditing, tax planning, compliance with Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and Listing Rules, internal control, risk management and financial advisory services. In 2011, we started to serve about 3,000 companies headquartered in Hong Kong, China and overseas.Our group provides auditing services to accounting firms registered in Hong Kong and the Singapore Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We are accredited by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants to provide professional training to their members. Also, we have a joint Hong Kong law firm, sponsor and appraiser to provide clients with listing, restructuring, due diligence and listing advisory services for corporate finance projects.Our team has about 50 teammates work in Hong Kong and we also set up joint ventures in Shenyang, Beijing and Singapore. Our team includes the former executives of international companies and large listed companies, certified public accountants, certified tax accountants and financial analysts.

we are different !We run our business with around 50 personnel in Hong Kong and we have associated offices in Beijing, Shenyang and Singapore, of which some of them are previous executives of international firms, qualified accountants, recognized tax advisor, surveyor and practicing lawyers.Some important people

Assurance ExecutiveOur Assurance Executive is an experienced CPA and a fellow member with HKICPA who specializes in assurance and audit engagements, in investment, real estate, trading, manufacturing and public services sectors. During his employment with PricewaterhouseCoopers, his clients were mainly from listed real estate companies and REITs in Hong Kong, medium-sized Hong Kong companies with headquarters in Japan, US, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Finland, Holland etc. and reputable non-profit making organizations and educational institutions in Hong Kong.Corporate Finance ExecutiveOur Corporate Finance Executive has over 10 years’ experience in the Asian corporate finance and capital market areas. He led a corporate finance team in KPMG for a decade and involved numbers of IPO, due diligence and corporate finance projects over various industries. He has served senior positions in a number of listed companies, and has in-depth knowledge in the PRC financial markets.Business Services ExecutiveOur Business Services Executive is a member of HKICPA and the Institute of CPA Australia, fellow member of the Australia Association of Taxation & Management Accountants and has served for several listed companies including PRC state-owned Corporation as CFO & Director and was chairman of the management company for a UK listed fund. He has accumulated more than 25 years professional experience including large scale merger and acquisition, corporate financing, corporate restructuring and debt restructuring covering different industries among Hong Kong and mainland China property development, chemicals material, construction materials, mining, infra-structure, media, fund management and asset management.

Management ExecutiveOur Management Executive has in depth experience in commercial and management accounting. He had engaged in the assurance and corporate finance departments in PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has served top management positions in numbers of listed companies as financial control and company secretary, and has in-depth knowledge in the PRC financial markets especially in property development and investments.Tax ExecutiveOur Tax Executive served over 1,000 clients in the past 10 years. He is specialized in the handling of capital gain claim, offshore claim and tax investigation with the Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong. He is also certified ax agent in China. He is proficient on handling tax matter such as tax exemption, disputes, tax concession, transfer pricing arrangement etc. with tax bureau in China.Senior ConsultantOur Senior Consultant, Nicholas May, is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants has over 20 years of experience in auditing, finance and accounting. He has been the head of finance of a number of sizeable private and listed groups in Hong Kong and has hands-on experience in various industries including manufacturing, property development, construction materials, hotel management and telecommunication. In addition, Nicholas has extensive experience in leading a wide range of engagements, including due diligence review, internal controls review, and pre-IPO restructuring projects.


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OUR Values

Our core values are loyalty, quality and support. It is our honour to serve our clients with loyalty and we are proud of providing high quality service for them. Through sufficient and tailored support by our team, our clients can benefit from the increase in transparency, confidence and better business processes.

As professionals, we ensure that our clients comply with the statutory and commercial standards. Different clients have different needs. In order to meet our clients’ needs, we always get an understanding of their business background and tailor service for them. In this changing and unpredictable economy, we do not just help companies to get through it, but to take advantage of it so that they can be more competitive. Our team serves with integrity, requisite level of care and skill. We are proud of having a long-term relationship with clients.