Tax advisory

Tax advisory

CityLinkers tax advisory team has extensive experience and expertise to help clients to understand the Mainland and Hong Kong tax rules which is applicable to their business, and to make good use of tax law incentives to legally and effectively reduce taxes.   Further, we can provide assistant to clients in the planning of their tax affairs and to structure tax efficient deals.

We can also assist with your personal and corporate tax filing and planning, providing professional advice on each client’s different situations to help clients find tax-saving space.

  • Achieve business objectives by reducing tax risks and meeting your compliance obligations
  • Improve business and operating efficiency through tax efficiency
  • Effectively utilizing tax allowances or deductions to optimise the taxation expenses

We provide professional tax services for:

  • Hong Kong Tax services
  • China Tax Service
  • Personal Tax services
  • Corporate Tax Advisory Service
  • Tax arrangements for M&A activities
  • Resolve tax disputes
  • Personal tax planning and tax reporting

Profit Tax

To assist your profits tax planning, we can help to reduce your taxes with strategic tax planning and application of the
tax policies and incentives.  We tailor the tax plan for your company in accordance with the latest tax regulations and simulate the relevant taxation effect to the profit of the company.  Our clients include:

  • Limited company
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership

By acting as the corporation tax representative, we shall provide the following services:

  • Complete Profits Tax return
  • Complete Employers return
  • Assist to prepare reply to the queries of the tax authority
  • Provide tax planning and consultancy
  • Assist to handle tax investigations and appeals

Individual tax planning

To avoid affecting your household income and investment plan, we could assist you to manage your personal income
tax liabilities.  By understanding your financial situation and future plan, we could provide consultant on tax strategy
plan to assist the achievement of your goals.

By acting as your tax representative, we shall provide the following services:

  • Assist to complete the individual tax returns
  • Mainland personal income tax advice
  • Provide personal tax planning

The tax authority imposes various time limits for the above filings and applications, please contact us
(Tel: +852 6816 8938 or Fax: +852 3152 3231) as soon as you received any tax letters, forms or assessments.  All information will be handled in strictly confidential manner.